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Nudo is an olive grove. And part of it can be yours. Adopt one of its trees for a year and you'll receive all the produce from your tree. Imagine dunking your bread in your own oil from your own tree thousands of miles away on a hillside in Italy.

Nudo Italia Company Information:
121 Southbank House Black Prince Road Greater London
London SE1 7SJ UK
Ph 718 473 0732

Nudo Italia History:
" Jason Gibb and Cathy Rogers set up Nudo in 2005 after buying and restoring an abandoned 21 acre olive grove in Italy’s Le Marche. They gave up successful careers as TV producers to build a business in the Italian countryside, following a hunch that they’d enjoy being olive farmers. So it was that they found themselves heading off to live in Italy, with little more than their one year old daughter, a pair of secateurs and an Italian dictionary. "